Deliverable D1.1

Online case-study portal to share knowledge and report findings (09/2022)

Key messages:

  1. The MERLIN online case-study portal is designed to share knowledge of the 17 MERLIN case studies.

  2. The portal provides interactive access to information from case-study level to European scale and across the restoration types including Peatland & Wetland, Small Streams and Basins, and Large Transboundary Rivers.

  3. Each case-study has a unique page through which details of the restoration activities, objectives and key stakeholders can be viewed.

  4. The portal has been designed to allow dissemination of data on Case-Study Impact Assessments across MERLIN Indicators for the European Green Deal.

  5. The portal will also indicate progress in the implementation of new restoration measures in the MERLIN case-studies through application of the IUCN Global Standard for evaluating Nature-Based Solutions.

  6. The portal provides an important dissemination tool to inform the scientific community as well as the general public on the benefits of restoration across scales.
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