Deliverable D2.1

Case study optimisation strategies (12/2022)

Key messages:

  1. A SWOT analysis of the IUCN criteria for nature-based solutions to support European Green Deal goals yielded a broad spectrum of information on the MERLIN freshwater restoration case studies.

  2. This information provides the necessary ingredients to draft an optimisation strategy for the MERLIN case studies on themes including multiple goals, society, restoration techniques, economy, policy and regulations.

  3. This information offers a basis for peer-to-peer learning between the case studies and those in other regions.

  4. The optimisation strategies provide new insights and broaden perspectives on restoration actions in individual case studies.

  5. Identifying the potential for multiple Green Deal goal achievements will initiate broader dialogues with stakeholders and provide new incentives for restoration with multiple benefits for local people.

  6. Capacity building on financia larrangement swill create new opportunities for restoration actions.

  7. Clear and agile policy arrangements are needed to enhance stakeholder participation in restoration actions.

  8. The visioning, planning and evaluation of restoration actions are long-term activities that benefit from adaptive approaches and sound long- term monitoring programs on multiple aspects of biophysical and socio-ecological systems.
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