Deliverable D2.3

Case study implementation plans (02/2023)

Key messages:

  1. Half of the funding in the EU MERLIN project – almost 10 million € - will be used to realise freshwater restoration measures across Europe.

  2. Restoration measures will be implemented at sixteen case studies within the lifetime of MERLIN (2021–2025).

  3. This deliverable comprises the implementation plans of all MERLIN case studies, describing the hands-on restoration activities that are to be implemented in MERLIN.

  4. The implementation plans support the case study leads in their planning and implementation process, by detailing their goals, listing necessary work steps, planning budget and time, distributing tasks and considering optimisation potential.

  5. Being aware of anticipated or potential risks is crucial in the implementation process. Strategies for mitigating these risks are developed to avoid delays or hinderances in restoration implementation.

  6. Implementation planning is carried out on the basis of accomplished tasks, including: SWOT analysis, optimisation planning, self-assessment of the IUCN criteria for nature-based solutions, stakeholder screening, and monitoring of indicators for the European Green Deal goals.

  7. The implementation planning process thus offers a basis for the participatory and transparent implementation of freshwater restoration measures.
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