Off-the-Shelf Instruments

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The MERLIN project is pioneering in advancing sustainable practices, Nature-based Solutions (NbS), and environmental restoration and conservation throughout Europe. In alignment with this mission, MERLIN has meticulously curated comprehensive Off-the-Shelf Instruments (OTSIs) tailored to expedite investment in critical areas. These instruments not only facilitate public funding but also acknowledge the indispensable role of private finance in propelling impactful initiatives forward.

What are MERLIN Off-the-Shelf Instruments?

OTSIs represent financial tools designed to address specific funding requirements. Unlike conventional grants, they promote revolving financial support by synergising public and private resources. Characterised by flexibility, transparency, and swift deployment, these instruments are optimally suited for realising ambitious objectives.

Below, we will thoroughly investigate each of the following OTSIs, providing detailed insight into their mechanisms and unique advantages: Donation-based crowdfunding, corporate donations, tourism and agriculture activities, reward-based crowdfunding, corporate branding, carbon sequestration credits, mutual guarantees, grants, biodiversity offsetting, public-private partnerships, debt instruments, and climate bonds.

Through our exploration of these instruments, we aim to unveil their unique contributions toward advancing the overarching objectives of the MERLIN project, thereby catalysing the realisation of a more sustainable future for Europe and beyond.

Short videos about the OTSIs can be found in our MERLIN Academy in Learning Module 3.

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#1: Donation-based crowdfunding

#2: Corporate donations

#3: Tourism and agriculture activities